Azadi Stadium - Tehran

Iran Pro League, week 5. Rising tension in Tabriz; Torabi again decisive for Saipa

Persian Gulf Pro League

Persian Gulf Pro League 1395/96 comes back, after a 28-days break: in the meanwhile Team Melli played two 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification matches, beating 2-0 Qatar and drawing without goals in China. Week 5  was full of ties, except for the games scheduled on Friday both ended with victories.

FC Mashhad surprised home supporters at Bonyan Diesel stadium and obtained 3 points. In the first half Luciano “Chimba” Pereira tried twice to beat Nasseri, but goalkeeper was very responsive to Brazilian shot and header. Gostaresh Foolad were again dangerous with Khalatbari and Magno Batista, but their efforts were not rewarded: Ayoub Kalantari sent a long pass to Seifollahi, who scored a lob goal in the injury time.

The match between Oil clubs (in Farsi “naft” means oil) was won by Ali Daei’s guys, although guest team goalkeeper Hassan Houri made many spectacular saves on Naft Tehran attacks: the Abadani captain could not prevent home advantage when a perfect free kick by Iman Mob’Ali assisted Croatian defender Igor Prahic’s header. Sanat Naft Abadan equalized with Hakim Nassari, who exploited a defensive mistake; but Mohammad Ghazi scored a very nice goal, rotating 270° ahead of three opponents and shooting low.

Dangerous atmosphere in Tabriz, on the pitch and on the bleachers: after the final whistle, Tractorsazi hooligans launched rocks and bottles on Persepolis players and staff: on 24 August Tabrizi hooligans did the same during a friendly game with Paykan, then suspended. A delegate from Iranian Football Federation pressed charges against head of Tractor supporters, and home team coach Amir Ghalenoei argued with a soldier.
About the match. Persepolis avoided the defeat, especially thanks to goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand, who saved Iranpourian header (7′) and twice Soroush Rafiei‘s attempts (33′ header, 69’ close shot). On the other side Mehdi Taremi missed the opportunity to score a heavy goal when at 5′ he ran past Mohammadi and Akhbari, but a tackle by Shafiei blocked his attempt. With this goalless draw, Persepolis and Tractorsazi remain – respectively – on top and 2nd.

Sepahan were not able to win against Paykan, risking a home defeat, even though hitting twice the crossbar: with Malian defender Moussa Coulibaly after 15 minutes of game, and Alimohammadi at 55′. Paykan coach Majid Jalali should be proud about his captain, Mohammad Sadegh Barani, who stole the ball and assisted Siamak Nemati’s left-footed goal, and then was himself close to score. In the second half Abdollah Veisi chose Hossein Papi to replace Fazeli, and the winger thanked his coach scoring six minutes later with a powerful shot.

One point shared by Padideh and Esteghlal Khuzestan as both clubs did not score. Best attempts came by Mashhadi team: after a corner kick, at 34′ captain Reza Nasehi quickly sent the ball on the right goalpost; at 56′ Moein Abbasian‘s left-footed free kick hit the crossbar.

Morteza Tabrizi is in good shape, after taking part in Team Melli training camp in Italy: the 25-years-old attacking midfielder scored Zob Ahan leading just before halftime. Short after squads came back to the pitch, Divsalar received his second yellow card, leaving 10-men Saba Qom; but Samad Marfavi added a forward, subbing in Karim Eslami instead of Abtahi. Zob Ahan goalkeeper Mazaheri had to face a new offensive tactic, and saved a close header by Hassanzadeh at 73′: two minutes later he could not prevent his equalizer, dribbling Nejad Mehdi and Mohammadzadeh.

Four goals, two scored by each side, one point shared by Foolad Khuzestan and Saipa Karaj. Very good performance by Alessandro Felipe Oltramari, who maintained a clean sheet until he got injured, with Saipa leading thanks to Hosseinzadeh’s goal. The Brazilian goalie was replaced by Fallahzadeh, that made vital saves despite a double by Abdollah Nasseri: the second goal at 92′ seemed to end the match, but referee Salehi had ordered 9-minutes injury time! Five minutes later youngster Mehdi Torabi (born 1994) took the ball on the right, dribbling two Foolad defenders, and his shot secured the draw at Ghadir stadium.

On Sunday the last match of the week 5 was played at Azadi Stadium. Esteghlal Tehran took the advantage after seven minutes: Khosro Heydari from the right crossed for Kaveh Rezaei, whose first header was deflected by Manu Fernandez on the post, and the forward headed the ball into the net. The Spanish goalkeeper saved two lob shots, both attempted by Farshid Esmaeili. Mashinsazi frightened the Blues at 35′, because of Payam Sadeghian‘s shot from outside the penalty area, that was rejected by the right goalpost. Even if Esteghlal were continuously attacking with Ghafouri and Heydari, they did not succeed, and Kakhaber Kakashvili assisted Saman Nariman Jahan’s header, that beat Rahmati. A late attempt by Jaber Ansari was saved again by Manu, securing the 1-1 result. Esteghlal have not yet won any game in this season, and the next week will be the last chance for Alireza Mansourian: chairman Reza Eftekhari claimed “After Tehran derby [against Persepolis] we will take a decision about the coach“.


Friday 9 September 2016

Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz 0-1 FC Mashhad [WATCH goal & highlights]
Goals: 93′ Rouhollah Seifollahi (MAS)
Bookings: 36′ Reza Sharbati (MAS)
Referee: Hamid Hajmalek

Naft Tehran 2-1 Sanat Naft Abadan [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 11′ Igor Prahic (NAF), 18′ Hakim Nassari (SAN), 64′ Mohammad Ghazi (NAF)
Bookings: 33′ Mohammad Shadkam (SAN)
Referee: Reza Mahdavi

Saturday 10 September 2016

Tractorsazi Tabriz 0-0 Persepolis Tehran [WATCH highlights]
Bookings: 26′ Mohammad Nouri (TRA), 34′ Hadi Mohammadi (TRA), 81′ Sina Ashouri (TRA), 84′ Kamal Kamyabinia (PER)
Referee: Ashkan Khorshidi

Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Isfahan 1-1 Paykan Qods [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 18′ Siamak Nemati (PAY), 68′ Hossein Papi (SEP)
Bookings: 19′ Siamak Nemati (PAY), 53′ Mahan Rahmani (PAY), 74′ Rasoul Navidkia (SEP), 82′ Milad Sarlak (SEP)
Referee: Hossein Zargar

Padideh Mashhad 0-0 Esteghlal Khuzestan [WATCH highlights]
Referee: Alireza Faghani

Saba Qom 1-1 Zob Ahan Isfahan [WATCH goal & highlights]
Goals: 45+1′ Morteza Tabrizi (ZOB), 77′ Ahmad Hassanzadeh (SAB)
Bookings: 38′ Hamid Reza Divsalar (SAB), 68′ Vahid Mohammadzadeh (ZOB), 74′ Daniel Esmaeilifar (ZOB), 95′ S. Mohammad Hosseini (ZOB)
Sent-off: 58′ Hamid Reza Divsalar (SAB)
Referee: Mavood Bonyadifar

Foolad Khuzestan 2-2 Saipa Karaj [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 23′ Masoud Hosseinzadeh (SAI), 74′ and 95′ Abdollah Nasseri (FKH), 97′ Mehdi Torabi (SAI)
Bookings: 20′ Hamid Bou Hamdan (FKH), 40′ Esmaeil Sharifat (FKH), 67′ Milad Pakparvar (FKH)
Referee: Ahmad Salehi

Sunday 11 September 2016

Esteghlal Tehran 1-1 Mashinsazi Tabriz [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 7′ Kaveh Rezaei (EST), 52′ Saman Nariman Jahan (MTA)
Bookings: 72′ Robson Januario (EST), 81′ Ahmad Kamdar (MTA), 89′ Kakhaber Kakashvili (MTA)
Referee: Touraj Haghvardi


Club Points W D L GF GA
Persepolis Tehran 11 3 2 0 4 1
Tractorsazi Tabriz 9 2 3 0 7 3
Naft Tehran 8 2 2 1 8 5
Sanat Naft Abadan 8 2 2 1 4 3
FC Mashhad 8 2 2 1 5 5
Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Isfahan 7 2 1 2 5 4
Zob Ahan Isfahan 6 1 3 1 6 5
Saipa Karaj 6 1 3 1 6 5
Esteghlal Khuzestan 6 1 3 1 7 8
Mashinsazi Tabriz 6 1 3 1 4 5
Padideh Mashhad 6 1 3 1 3 5
Saba Qom 4 0 4 1 3 4
Paykan Qods 4 0 4 1 4 6
Esteghlal Tehran 3 0 3 2 5 7
Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz 3 0 3 2 1 3
Foolad Khuzestan 3 0 3 2 5 8

Top scorers

Hassan Beit Saeid (ESK)
Mohammad Ghazi (NAF)
Iman Mob’Ali (NAF)
Abdollah Nasseri (FKH)
Mehdi Torabi (SAI)
Rahim Zahivi (ESK)
(2 pen.)
Morteza Aghakhan (PAY)
Vahid Amiri (PER)
Farid Behzadi Karimi (SEP)
Mohammad Iranpourian (TRA)
Eder “Edinho” Luciano (TRA)
Saman Nariman Jahan (MTA)
Mehdi Rajabzadeh (ZOB)
Kaveh Rezaei (EST)
(1 pen.)
42 players 1

Top cards

Hamed Pakdel (MTA) 2 red card
2 yellow cards
Hamid Reza Divsalar (MTA) 1 red card
3 yellow cards
Alireza Naghizadeh (GOF) 1 red card
3 yellow cards
Mohsen Yousefi (PAD) 1 red card
Kakhaber Kakashvili (MTA) 3 yellow cards
Farshad Ahmadzadeh (PER) 2 yellow cards
Hossein Baghlani (SAN) 2 yellow cards
Mohammad Amin Darvishi (GOF) 2 yellow cards
Meysam Doraghi (ESK) 2 yellow cards
Karim Eslami (SAB) 2 yellow cards
Kamal Kamyabinia (PER) 2 yellow cards
Abdollah Karami (FKH) 2 yellow cards
Luciano “Chimba” Pereira (GOF) 2 yellow cards
Hadi Mohammadi (TRA) 2 yellow cards
Siamak Nemati (PAY) 2 yellow cards
Alessandro Felipe Oltramari (SAI) 2 yellow cards
Milad Pakparvar (FKH) 2 yellow cards


Thursday 15 September 2016
FC Mashhad – Saba Qom
Saipa – Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz
Zob Ahan Isfahan – Tractorsazi Tabriz
Paykan Qods – Naft Tehran
Sanat Naft Abadan – Esteghlal Khuzestan
Mashinsazi Tabriz – Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Isfahan

Friday 16 September 2016
Persepolis Tehran – Esteghlal Tehran
Foolad Khuzestan – Padideh Mashhad


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