Iran Pro League, week 7. Before the break: Paykan win, Naft climb, Padideh react!

Persian Gulf Pro League

Let’s see the results of the 7th week of Persian Gulf Pro League 1395/96, that took place before Team Melli clashes against Uzbekistan and South Korea in order to qualify to 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The battle between Tractorsazi Tabriz and Persepolis Tehran for the leadership of the tournament continues: both team won their matches, but Tractor have a better goal difference thanks to the best attack of the league (12 goal scored, 4 conceded).
Amir Ghalenoei’s boys defeated 3:0 FC Mashhad with a successful penalty by Iranpourian, followed by Hatami’s and late Kiani’s goals; Siahjamegan attempted dangerously twice to beat Akhbari, who saved at 80′ and one minute later with the help of the crossbar.
A double by Mehdi Taremi allowed Persepolis to conquer 3 points away, after Sepahan have equalized with Ehsan Hajsafi: so Isfahanis lost two positions in the league table.

40-years-old Gholam Reza Enayati proved once again to have determination more than many other youngsters: the all-time Persian Gulf Pro League top scorer headed successfully the ball crossed from the left by Ahmad Hassanzadeh, in order to collect Saba Qom first victory; Saipa efforts were denied by rival goalkeeper Hamed Lak (who saved at 66′ a powerful kick by Siamak Kouroshi) and by the crossbar, where ended Ali Gholizadeh last-minute rocket.

Paykan were leading 0-2 thanks to a double by Nigerian forward Godwin Mensha, but coach Sirous Pourmousavi spurred Esteghlal Khuzestan: the defending champions found the equalizer in the injury time with a nice dribbling and shot by Hassan Beit Saeid, and a ball accidentally deflected by Levon Hayrapetyan; it seemed to end with a tie, but Amir Hossein Sadeghi scored Paykan winner just before the final whistle.

Gostaresh Foolad have not yet succeded in scoring, despite some good occasion inspired by playmaker Daryoush Shojaeian: Foolad Khuzestan veteran goalkeeper Vahid Talebloo saved shots by Naghizadeh and Khalegifar, freezing the goalless result.

The 7th week of the season welcomed the first victory to Esteghlal Tehran, too: Blues thanked their supporters at Azadi stadium beating 2-1 Zob Ahan Isfahan. Alireza Mansourian allowed again Bakhtyar Rahmani in the line-up, after being sidelined during the Tehran derby: before halftime the Iranian Kurdish midfielder won a penalty kick, converted by Omid Ebrahimi. In the opening of the second half Ali Ghorbani headed on goal a cross from the right by Vouria Ghafouri. Isfahanis reaction came soon with Mohammad Nejad Mehdi‘s header, deflected to corner by Mehdi Rahmati; then Morteza Tabrizi scored for Zob Ahan, after another Rahmati’s save on Jerry Bengtson’s attempt.

Incredible tie gained by Padideh Mashhad at home: in the first half Mohammad Shadkam sent the ball past Shahab Gordan after five minutes, then Mohammad Reza Pourmohammad scored with a free kick the second goal for Sanat Naft Abadan, whereas Padideh hit the crossbar after a place kick. At 77′ Mashhadi coach Mohammad Reza Mohajeri replaced defender Fariborz Gerami with 22-years-old striker Mohammad Ali Mardani who scored in less than a minute! Coach Nader Dastneshan’s guys attacked one more time so that Shadkam beat Gordan once again with an accidental assist by Karim Ahmadi. Padideh were losing 1-3 when referee Khorshidi conceded a penalty, missed by Younes Shakeri that sent the ball over the crossbar. In 5 minutes injury time, Mashhadis secured one point thanks to Mohammad Reza Nassehi’s hit and Mardani second goal.

The last game of the week was won by Naft Tehran, so that climbed on third place of the Persian Gulf Pro League defeating 2-1 Mashinsazi Tabriz: guests missed the opportunity to take the advantage as a ball retrieved by superb Andranik Teymourian was launched to Mehrdad Bayrami, whose shot was deflected by Naft goalkeeper Milad Farahani. At 15′ Iman Mob’Ali corner kick assisted the successful header by Amir Arsalan Motahari; Ali Daei’s club was dangerous as Mohammad Ghazi rocket ended out, and then defender Hamed Pakdel prevented another goal after umpteenth corner kick for Naft. In the opening of the second half Ali Daei claimed a penalty beacause of a contact between Motahari and Georgian back Kakhaber Kakashvili. Few minutes later the referee Ahmad Salehi declared offside a goal scored by Edson Henrique, assisted by Teymourian’s free kick: the Brazilian defender made a heavy defensive mistake and Ghazi beat easily Spanish goalkeeper Manu Fernandez. Ali Daei became enraged at 87′ as mr. Salehi conceded a controversial penalty due to a contrast between Saman Nariman Jahan and Milad Fakhreddini: Payam Sadeghian converted to goal without problem just before final whistle.



Tuesday 20 September 2016

Tractorsazi Tabriz 3-0 FC Mashhad [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goal: 3′ pen. Iranpourian (TRA), 58′ Farzad Hatami (TRA), 91′ Mehdi Kiani (TRA)
Bookings: 1′ Meysam Hosseini (MAS), 59′ Mousa Traore (MAS), 84′ Hadi Mohammadi (TRA), 90′ Soroush Rafiei (TRA)
Sent-off: 84′ Mousa Traore (MAS)
Referee: Hossein Zargar

Saba Qom 1-0 Saipa [WATCH goal & highlights]
Goal: 45′ Gholam Reza Enayati (SAB)
Bookings: 24′ Hamid Reza Divsalar (SAB), 38′ Abolghasem Dehnavi (SAB), 93′ Gholam Reza Enayati (SAB)
Referee: Shaehin Haji Babaei

Esteghlal Khuzestan 2-3 Paykan Qods [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 74′ and 79′ Godwin Mensha (PAY), 86′ Hassan Beit Saeid (ESK), 93′ o.g. Levon Hayrapetyan (ESK), 94′ Amir Hossein Sadeghi (PAY)
Bookings: 5′ Ezatollah Pourghaz (ESK), 20′ Shahriar Moghanlou (PAY), 27′ Abolfazl Ebrahimi (PAY), 50′ Aghil Kaabi (ESK), 94′ Amir Hossein Sadeghi (PAY)
Referee: Touraj Haghvardi

Esteghlal Tehran 2-1 Zob Ahan Isfahan [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 43′ pen. Omid Ebrahimi (EST), 50′ Ali Ghorbani (EST), 67′ Morteza Tabrizi (ZOB)
37′ Kaveh Rezaei (EST), 42′ Mohammad Nejadmehdi (ZOB), 78′ S. Mohammad Hosseini (ZOB)
Referee: Hamid Hajmalek

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz 0-0 Foolad Khuzestan [WATCH highlights]
19′ Magno Batista (GOF)
Referee: Payam Heydari

Padideh Mashhad 3-3 Sanat Naft Abadan [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 6′ and 84′ Mohammad Shadkam (SAN), 33′ Mohammad Reza Pourmohammad (SAN), 77′ and 93′ Mohammad Ali Mardani (PAD), 90′ Mohammad Reza Nassehi (PAD)
Bookings: 93′ Mohammad Ali Mardani (PAD)
Referee: Ashkan Khorshidi

Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Isfahan 1-3 Persepolis Tehran [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 14′ Omid Alishah (PER), 22′ Ehsan Hajsafi (SEP), 61′ and 74′ Mehdi Taremi (PER)
Bookings: 38′ Pedro Henrique Oliveira (SEP), 57′ Mousa Coulibaly (SEP), 76′ Rasoul Navidkia (SEP), 87′ Moharram Navidkia (SEP)
Referee: Bijan Heydari

Naft Tehran 2-1 Mashinsazi Tabriz [WATCH goals & highlights]
Goals: 15′ Amir Arsalan Motahari (NAF), 65′ Mohammad Ghazi (NAF), 88′ pen. Payam Sadeghian (MTA)
Bookings: 20′ Akbar Sadeghi (NAF), 40′ Andranik Teymourian (MTA), 45+1′ Alireza Ezzati Karamat (NAF), 87′ Milad Farahani (NAF)
Referee: Ahmad Salehi


Club Points W D L GF GA
Tractorsazi Tabriz 15 4 3 0 12 4
Persepolis Tehran 15 4 3 0 7 2
Naft Tehran 12 3 3 1 10 6
Sanat Naft Abadan 10 2 4 1 8 7
Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Isfahan 10 3 1 3 7 7
FC Mashhad 9 2 3 2 7 10
Saba Qom 8 1 5 1 6 6
Paykan Qods 8 1 5 1 7 8
Saipa Karaj 7 1 4 2 7 7
Esteghlal Tehran 7 1 4 2 7 8
Esteghlal Khuzestan 7 1 4 2 10 12
Foolad Khuzestan 7 1 4 2 6 8
Padideh Mashhad 7 1 4 2 6 9
Zob Ahan Isfahan 6 1 3 3 8 9
Mashinsazi Tabriz 6 1 3 3 5 8
Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz 5 0 5 2 2 4

Top scorers

Hassan Beit Saeid (ESK)
Mohammad Ghazi (NAF)
Mohammad Iranpourian (TRA)
Mohammad Shadkam (SAN)
Mehdi Torabi (SAI)
 (3 pen.)
Iman Mob’Ali (NAF)
Abdollah Nasseri (FKH)
Mehdi Taremi (PER)
Rahim Zahivi (ESK)
(2 pen.)
Morteza Aghakhan (PAY)
Vahid Amiri (PER)
Farid Behzadi Karimi (SEP)
Gholam Reza Enayati (SAB)
Karim Eslami (SAB)
Ali Ghorbani (EST)
Ahmad Hassanzadeh (SAB)
Farzad Hatami (TRA)
Eder “Edinho” Luciano (TRA)
Luciano “Chimba” Pereira (GOF)
Payam Malekian (MAS)
Mohammad Ali Mardani (PAD)
Godwin Mensha (PAY)
Amir Arsalan Motahari (NAF)
Saman Nariman Jahan (MTA)
Mehdi Rajabzadeh (ZOB)
Kaveh Rezaei (EST)
Amir Hossein Sadeghi (PAY)
Morteza Tabrizi (ZOB)
2 (1 pen.)
(1 pen.)
2 (1 pen.)
43 players 1
own goals 1

Top cards

Hamed Pakdel (MTA) 2 red card
2 yellow cards
Hamid Reza Divsalar (MTA)
Alireza Naghizadeh (GOF)
Moussa Traore (MAS)
1 red card
3 yellow cards
Mohsen Yousefi (PAD) 1 red card
Kakhaber Kakashvili (MTA)
Kamal Kamyabinia (PER)
Hadi Mohammadi (TRA)
Andranik Teymourian (MTA)
3 yellow cards
20 players 2 yellow cards
107 players 1 yellow card


Friday 14 October 2016
Paykan Qods – Sanat Naft Abadan
Foolad Khuzestan – Saba Qom

Saturday 15 October 2016
FC Mashhad – Esteghlal Tehran
Zob Ahan Isfahan – Sepahan Isfahan
Saipa Karaj – Tractorsazi Tabriz
Mashinsazi Tabriz – Esteghlal Khuzestan
Persepolis Tehran – Naft Tehran

Sunday 16 October 2016
Gostaresh Foolad – Padideh Mashhad


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